Ask An Introvert – Dating An Introvert [CC]

Hi, YouTube. It’s Kathy. Welcome back to Ask An Introvert, the weekly internet series where you ask an introvert and I, an introvert, answer.

The query from the comment section I’m going to answer this week is: “would love to see an episode with some tips on how to date an introvert.” I assume we’re coming from this from a standpoint of you are an extrovert and you are wanting to date an introvert, and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt in that you’re not just trying to date an introvert for the fetishized experience of a different human being, but there’s an introvert in whom you are interested and/or already dating. The number one tip I’m going to put out there right now is every single person in the world, whether or not they’re introverted, is different, so these are just a few different things that you might consider while dating another human being that might happen to be introverted. But nothing is set in stone and you have to have open communication with the person with whom you are in a relationship. And at this point, the question’s going to come back to parties, because the questions always seem to come back to parties. At the requested one of my listeners, I recently listened to a podcast that was detailing the problems that a social butterfly was having with her hermit crab boyfriend and how they were constantly being invited to parties and she felt bad going by herself to these parties because apparently there‘s a social construct that when you’re in an interpersonal relationship that means you now have to do things as a couple, all the time, always.

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