3 ways on how to trigger sexual attraction on a first date 1st date

Hey guys today we’re going to talk about three ways to trigger sexual attraction when you’re on a first date. Okay so the three ways to trigger sexual attraction if there’s any possibility of sexual attraction because it’s not guaranteed in every single situation, sorry that’s the reality, but if you want the best chance of being able to trigger some form of sexual attraction if there is a possibility of it are: eye contact, touch, and tone of voice. Okay so we’re going to go over this really quickly. Eye contact, when you can maintain and hold eye contact for longer than what is normally comfortable it tends to feel more intimate because we don’t hold eye contact with people unless we are either familiar with them or bumping nasties. So if you can maintain eye contact a little bit longer than you normally would then that will help trigger intimacy at the very least So the second thing is touch.