A first look at Microsoft Lists

>> Hello. My name is Miceile Barrett, I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft, and today I’m going to talk to you about the power of Microsoft Lists. Lists is your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365 to create, share, and track work across your team.

For example, with Microsoft Lists, it is simple to create an issue tracking list to track progress on issues that need to get completed. Using Lists to create an event itinerary helps plan and coordinate an office conference or business summit with many different speakers and sessions. Using a list to create an asset manager, helps you keep track of physical assets that your team is using, noting who has each device, repair status, check-in and out dates, all while ensuring everyone is informed. Microsoft Lists can be used from within the apps you use every day such as Microsoft Teams. For example, the status reporting list helps my team stay connected as results pour in across the team.

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