Dr. Phil’s Secret to a Happy Marriage

– We’re bringing you the headlines that affect you and your health and we wanted to have an expert weigh in, so we went straight to the man with the answers, please welcome our very special guest today, Dr. Phil! (audience cheers, clapping) Welcome, sir! – Hello! – Good to have you as always. – Alright! (audience cheers) – So glad to have you because this first topic is right up your alley. We know that therapy is a useful tool for those struggling with relationship issues, but people now in newly formed relationships, they’re scheduling appointments very early on with therapists, and the question of course is, how early is too early? (chuckles) Apparently, people within the first month or so of their relationship, they’re going for preventative counseling! Is there a time when… you know, maybe it’s too soon? Or is this a good thing? – Oh yeah, yeah.

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