How To Easily Impress Every Guy On A Date

The secret to impressing every guy that you date, so you can have your total choice in the men you meet and go out with. Hey, it’s Mark from Make Him Yours. And today, I’m describing the one most important concept that when I finally learned it in my own life, coming from a history of anxiety, completely changed the choices I had and the high value people I was able to meet and date. You know, many clients come to me and they say, I want to enjoy dating more. I want to, I want to have better dates, but the dates I’m going on suck.

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3 ways on how to trigger sexual attraction on a first date 1st date

Hey guys today we’re going to talk about three ways to trigger sexual attraction when you’re on a first date. Okay so the three ways to trigger sexual attraction if there’s any possibility of sexual attraction because it’s not guaranteed in every single situation, sorry that’s the reality, but if you want the best chance of being able to trigger some form of sexual attraction if there is a possibility of it are: eye contact, touch, and tone of voice. Okay so we’re going to go over this really quickly. Eye contact, when you can maintain and hold eye contact for longer than what is normally comfortable it tends to feel more intimate because we don’t hold eye contact with people unless we are either familiar with them or bumping nasties. So if you can maintain eye contact a little bit longer than you normally would then that will help trigger intimacy at the very least So the second thing is touch.

First Date Tips : Places to Take a Date

Would a sports bar be cool? Well, places to take a date. This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, a Boomer Woman’s Guide to Men and Dating, and host of Ask Dr.

Paul. Alright, you like sports bars, that may not be the best place to take a date, OK guys, so let’s kind of move away from that one and move in to an area that might be more interesting. Now it doesn’t have to be something that’s expensive. It doesn’t have to be something that makes your date feel uncomfortable. You might say, hey, you know what, we could go over to this particular club.

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How to Text a Woman to Secure The Date (CHEAT CODE)

Uncle C, back in the office. And this is a topic that I’ve been waiting for for so long until I’ve actually had my whiteboard. And now that I have my whiteboard, I can’t wait to address this with you. Because, you know, we talk about the masculine frame, we talk about building the charisma, we talked about building the seduction, but the problem is that oftentimes I kind of leave out the step by step logical things that you have to do to actually secure the date or to make sure that the interaction happens.

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7 FIRST DATE MISTAKES You Probably Make | Avoid These Common FIRST DATE FAILS

Matt: Hey man have you ever been on a date with a girl that just went horribly wrong? Or worse – it went really well but then she never called you again or she told you there was no connection? That flat-out sucks! And chances are you made one of the seven mistakes that I'm about to talk about, and when you stop making these mistakes not only will you have a lot more successful dates but you'll also feel a deeper connection with her.. she'll be more attracted to you and you'll be more likely to get a second or third date and turn things romantic and intimate a whole lot faster.

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