10 BEST Rooftop Bars in New York- NYC Nightlife Guide 🍹(From A Local)

What’s up Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon, coming to you from Manhattan And today we’re going to be exploring one of the most famous things in New York City Rooftop Bars We’re going everywhere from Midtown Manhattan Hotels To hip spots in Brooklyn To the beach in Queens Get ready In no order The Top 10 Rooftop Bars in New York City Guys, make sure to check out my other New York City Playlists linked down below Here we go.. Normally when you think of rooftop bars in New York City You think of cocktails But if you’re a wine afecianado.. Rooftop Reds is your place If you want unique You found it The first place in the world to grow their own commerically viable wine On a rooftop Is located here.. Just make a reservation online And head inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard For this hidden gem Half the fun is finding it You’ll need to walk inside a non descript factory building Head to the 4th floor But you’re in for a treat We were cooled off on a hot summer day By some incredible chilled Rose They have an expansive wine menu starting at 9 dollars a glass You can even drink their own rooftop reds selection My favorite part of the experience Was just roaming the active vineyard Which is transformed into a super chill area Great for a group of friends From playing cornhole To admiring the views Heck, take a nap like I did And enjoy the kind of experience You can only find..

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The Best Dating App – How to Get Dates on Tinder

Hey guys in this video we are going to talk about the best dating app, Tinder, and the do’s and don’ts. Stay tuned Okay I used to say that Tinder was the worst dating app but if you use it properly it can be the best dating app, and the reason why I think so is because you don’t have to worry about rejection because you only end up connecting with people who are mutually interested in you. So you don’t have to send an email hoping that they’re gonna reply back, you just swipe right or left and if someone swipes the same way as you do then you know that there’s a connection and if not then you don’t sit around waiting wondering and checking your email to see if they replied. With that said, how to make Tinder work for you if you’re actually looking for a serious relationship because I used to say that Tinder was a dating app that was exclusively for hookups but it’s becoming more prevalent that people are also using it for finding a long-term relationship.

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